You've thought about starting a yoga practice but are having trouble finding the time within your schedule to commit and the yoga classes you've attended are paced too quickly for you. You're looking for yoga that is accessible, focused, personalized, at a pace and quality that will allow you to care for yourself in the ways you need. 

Private yoga sessions give you the opportunity to invest in a sustainable and well-rounded self care practice.


Private yoga lessons are completely customized to you exactly as you are and designed to guide you towards the specific goals and intentions you have within your practice.  

Natalie Mazur,  Private Yoga Teacher

Her training includes:



Natalie Mazur is a Yoga Instructor based in Carlsbad, San Diego, specializing in teaching at-home private yoga lessons.

Starting her yoga practice in 2010, Natalie discovered the grounding, mental clarity, and ease which yoga fostered, both on and off the mat and especially throughout challenging life transitions.

Natalie has been teaching yoga since 2016, striving within her role to  help students step more fully and presently towards the intentions of their practice so that it can optimally serve each student as they are.​​​ She has taught yoga to a wide variety of people, ranging from teenagers to seniors and in many different settings including corporate offices, students' homes, yoga studios, and at public community events.

Natalie writes on Medium.com. Read her published articles about yoga here:

"Natalie is one of the best yoga teachers I have ever worked with. She is super fun and approachable, listens to your concerns and offers great advice. She studied one of my transitions and figured out the problem right away. One small shift and the change was immediate! Her style is all about adaptation for her students."

-Dara S. Project Manager

"Natalie's teaching embodies the light and strength, joy and calm, power and peace of a multilayered practice. Her dedication permeates her teaching through thoughtful classes that are conscientiously designed, athletic and balanced. She empowers her students to make the best choices for their own experiences. I leave her classes with a great sense of ease and vibrancy."

-Elise S. Yoga Teacher

"Our hour together left me feeling revitalized"

-Rhiannon F. Music Teacher

Natalie offers private yoga lessons in the following areas: 

(as well as virtually)





-San Marcos